Sandwich Packaging

Tamper Evident Hinged Sandwich Wedge Sandwich Packaging

Hinged Sandwich Wedges

We offer both tamper evident sandwich packaging and non tamper evident sandwich packaging.  Our SW40 hinged sandwich wedge measures 4″ wide and our SW35 hinged sandwich wedge which measures 3.5″ wide.  All hinged sandwich wedge options are made from ultra clear PETE material which show off your ingredients with sparkle and clarity.

Sandwich Window Bag

Packaging sandwiches in a kraft bag with a clear window is quickly growing in appeal and popularity.  This sandwich packaging solution offers an environmentally friendly appearance, as well as offering a great option to hermetically seal the bag for extended shelf life.  Please visit our sealers page for equipment options.

Sandwich Packaging

European Style Sandwich Packaging

Europe has long been the leader in sandwich packaging and wrap packaging.  PSS is committed to staying on the forefront of all sandwich packaging changes worldwide.  We are excited to bring to the US market the latest sandwich packaging trends from the UK market.

Sandwich Wrap – Sheets

Available in clear, white, and kraft.  Also available in stock or custom prints.

Sandwich Packaging

Hinged Sandwich Packaging

We offer several sizes and shapes of hinged sandwich packaging in addition to the sandwich wedge.  Ask about our black on clear hinged sandwich packaging options as well.

Sandwich Packaging

Heat Seal Sandwich Packaging

Our heat seal sandwich packaging wedges come in 4 sizes and are designed to be heat sealed with lidding film on table top sealers and automatic sealers.

Sandwich Packaging

Barrier Sandwich Packaging

Sandwich packaging for extended shelf life (gas flush, M.A.P.) applications.  We offer medium barrier sandwich packaging that achieve up to 15 day shelf life, as well as high barrier sandwich packaging that achieve up to 30 day shelf life.