Shrink Packaging Equipment

770 L-Bar Sealer

770 Series Semi-Automatic L-Sealer

For medium duty shrink packaging applications. Add a 850 series shrink tunnel for a complete system.

850 Tunnel

Model 850

Shrink Tunnel (220v)

120 Combo

120 Series Semi-Automatic L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel System

This “all-in-one” sealer and tunnel runs on 120 volt standard power.  Designed for light to medium volume applications.

6700 GLX

Series 6700 Automatic L-Sealer and Model 6022 Heavy Duty Shrink Tunnel

Fully automatic sealer and tunnel will handle the most demanding shrink packaging requirements at speeds up to 25 per minute.

One-arm Pulse Super Sealer

Super Sealer

Sizes available: 13″, 18″, 24″, 32″, 40″.   Super Sealer is a one-arm impulse sealer that will cut and seal shrink film around your package.  An ultra light industrial shrink gun is used to heat shrink your package into an attractive crystal clear presentation.